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Bean Bag - - Plain or Fancy

Skills Needed: Cast On, Knit, and Cast Off.


Size 10.5 knitting needles, 1 ounce of worsted-weight yarn, 3 safety pins, a clean stocking, dry beans or rice, and a sewing needle for use with yarn.


Cast on 15 stitches.

Knit every row for 30 rows or 15 ridges. (A ridge equals 2 rows in the garter stitch.)

Cast off, leaving a tail of yarn about 2 feet long.

Make a second square to match the first one you made.


Pin the matching square pieces together on 3 sides. Using one of the tails of yarn you left, sew the pieces together on 3 sides, leaving one side open for stuffing. Take the pins out and turn the bag inside out. Save one of the ends of remaining yarn to use to sew the last side. Stuff the other end inside the bag.

Fill the toe of a clean stocking with either beans or rice. Remember, the size of the filled stocking needs to fit into the bean bag. Tie a knot so the filling will not fall out of the stocking, and put it in the open bean bag. Pin the last seam together, closing the filled stocking inside the bean bag. Sew the last seam closed, but do not cut the left-over yarn, until you hide the end by sewing it under a few stitches so it will not unravel.

Note: You can also use soft filling to stuff the bag. You can play catch with the finished product or you can turn it into a paper weight with personality! My students love to decorate their bean bags with puff balls and funny eyes. Let you creativity take hold.

If you do that, remember not to give the bean bag to a small child, because they might choke on the decorations or the filling.

Photo of Bean Bags

Happy Pumpkins designed by Kelly and Briette.

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