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Small Blanket - - For Dolls or Pets

Skills Needed: Cast On, Knit, Increase, Decrease, and Cast Off.

Note: There will be some directions using abbreviations in this pattern. They will be explained the first time they appear, but the next time they are used, you will see just the shorter way to write them.


Size 10.5 needles, 3 ounces of worsted-weight yarn, and a sewing needle for yarn.


Cast on 4 stitches.

Knit 3 rows.

Row 4: Knit 2 stitches (K2); increase one stitch in the next stitch (inc 1); knit to the end of the row. (You are adding one stitch to each row.)

Continue to inc 1 in each row, until there are 80 stitches on your needle.

Next row: K2; knit the next 2 stitches together (K2 tog) by putting the needle, from left to right, through both stitches at the same time, for a decrease of one stitch; knit to the end of the row. (You are taking away one stitch from each row, now.)

Continue decreasing one stitch on each row until you have 5 stitches left.

Last row: K2; K2 tog; K1.

Cast off the remaining 4 stitches, leaving a 6 inch tail of yarn.


Use the yarn needle to hide the tails from the beginning and end of the blanket, by running them under a few stitches.

Photo of Blanket

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