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Anna's Gorgeous Gecko

Skills needed: Cast on, Knit, Increase, Decrease, and Cast Off.


Size 10.5 needles, one ounce of worsted weight yarn, a sewing needle for yarn, wiggly eyes or buttons, and a filling of your choice. (Anna and I filled a piece of pantyhose leg with a little rice and tied it at both ends.)

Note: Anna's pattern is inspired by her own leopard gecko. She chose a mixed green colored yarn. Mine looks more like an African fat-tailed gecko, in shades of brown. You can change the color of your creature and make it into anything you like.


Body: Cast on 2 stitches. Knit 2 rows. Increase 1 stitch in the first stitch and 1 stitch in the last stitch for a total of 4 stitches. Knit 3 rows. Increase 1 stitch in the first and last stitch of the next row and every 4th row, until there are 12 stitches in all. Knit on the 12 stitches for 30 rows more. Decrease 1 stitch (by knitting 2 stitches together) at the beginning and end of the next row and every 4th row until there are only 4 stitches left. Cast off the last 4 stitches, leaving a tail of yarn 24 inches long.

Feet: (Make 4) Cast on 6 stitches. Knit every row for twelve rows or six ridges. Cast off leaving a tail of yarn 12 inches long.

Finishing: Sew the body together using the yarn sewing needle and the long tail of yarn left from casting off. Don't forget to put the stuffing into the body before it is all sewn up. You may want to use the rice and stocking idea or some other type of filling for your lizard. Fold each foot in half length-wise and sew each one down the side. Then sew the feet into position on the body. Be careful not to sew through the stocking if you have rice inside.

Add the wiggly eyes to the gecko with some glue or sew some buttons on the head. Which end is the head?
That is entirely up to you!

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