Messmerland Knitting Pattern ©2006


Skills Needed: Cast On, Knit, Cast Off


Size 10.5 knitting needles, 1 ounce of worsted-weight yarn, and a sewing needle for use with yarn.


Cast on 10 stitches.

Knit every row (garter stitch) for 80 rows or 40 ridges. (A ridge equals 2 rows in the garter stitch.)

Cast off, leaving a tail of yarn 18 inches long.

Use the yarn tail and the sewing needle to sew the narrow ends of the knitted rectangle together. Be sure not to cut the end of the yarn remaining, until you weave it in and out of a few stitches on the seam of the headband. this will prevent the seam from unraveling.

Note: you can change the length or width of the headband by adding or subtracting stitches or rows.

Photo of Headband

Messmerland Knitting Patterns are free; not for commercial use.