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Kaitlyn's Rainbow Snake

Skills Needed: Cast On, Knit, Tie a New Yarn at the Beginning of a Row, Increase a Stitch, and Cast Off.


Size 10.5 needles, 1 ounce each of 6 different colors of worsted-weight yarn, wiggly eyes, felt for a tongue, a small amount of quilt batting, safety pins, and a sewing needle for yarn.


Cast on 11 stitches with one of your colors.

Knit every row for 9 ridges. (A ridge equals 2 rows in the garter stitch.)

Tie in a new color at the beginning of the next row, and knit 9 ridges of that color. Remember not to cut the ends of the yarn too short, when you change colors. Leave about 6 inches of yarn hanging at the edge of the snake. You will tie them off and hide them when the snake is finished.

Continue to change colors and knit 9 ridges of each yarn, until you come to the last color.

Increase 1 stitch in the first stitch for a total of 12 stitches and knit 9 ridges of the last color.

Cast off the remaining 12 stitches leaving a tail of yarn about 3 feet long to use to sew the snake together.


What you have knitted is a long rectangle. Fold the snake in half lengthwise and pin about 6 inches of the body together. Sew the edges with the yarn needle and the long tail of yarn for about 6 inches. Cut a piece of quilt batting to equal the length and width of the knitted rectangle. Roll the batting into a tube shape and fit it inside the part of the snake you have sewn together. continue to sew and fill the snake, until you come to the last section. Trim the batting to match the length of the snake without the last section. This section will become the head of the snake.

Fold the last section the other way (across the width of the snake) to make the head wider than the body. Sew the edges of the head section. Decorate the snake with wiggly eyes and a felt tongue.

Photo of Rainbow Snake

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