Messmerland Knitting Pattern ©2008

Michelle's Lavender Sachet

(A sachet is a little bag filled with sweet-smelling dried flowers or other fragrant stuffing
that people put in dresser drawers to make their clothing smell nice.)

Skills Needed: Cast On, Knit, and Cast Off.


Size 10.5 needles, 1 ounce of each of two colors of worsted weight yarn, a yarn sewing needle, a small amount of cloth to make the pouch for the lavender filling, lavender flowers or something else that smells nice, and a regular sewing needle and thread.


Cast on 20 stitches holding both colors of yarn as one.

Knit every row for 24 ridges (48 rows).

Cast off, leaving a tail 24 inches long.


Fold piece in half and sew three sides together using the tail of yarn from the cast off row. Make a pouch to hold the lavender or other filling and insert the pouch into the knitted pocket you made. Sew the end closed.

Note: You can embroider a design on the sachet or decorate it any way you like. Michelle embroidered a crown on the front of her sachet for a final touch.

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