Messmerland Knitting Pattern ©2007

Jackie's Wrist Warmers

Photo of Wrist Warmerrs

Skills Needed: Cast on, Knit, and Cast off.


Size 10.5 knitting needles, 2 ounces of worsted-weight yarn, 2 or 3 safety pins, and a sewing needle for yarn. You will need a small amount of worsted-weight yarn in a contrasting color, if you want to add the cross-stitch decoration to the finished wrist warmers.


Cast on 30 stitches. (You may make them longer by casting on more stitches.)

Knit every row for 24 ridges. (This is the same as knitting 48 rows.)

Cast off, leaving a tail of yarn 24 inches long. You will have a rectangle for one wrist warmer.

Make a second rectangle to match the first.


Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise. (The rectangle should be about 8 inches long.) Use the safety pins to hold the edges evenly. Sew the edges together with the yarn sewing needle and the long tail of leftover yarn for about 5 inches. Leave an opening for your thumb about an inch long, and then sew the rest of the length closed, beyond the thumb opening. Make sure you sew the leftover yarn under some stitches so it will not unravel.

Cross-stitch decoration may be sewn along the seams for added decoration. Use the yarn sewing needle and a contrasting color of yarn to make your wrist warmers unique. Don't forget to sew the yarn ends under some of the seam stitches so they do not unravel.

These wrist warmers are great for keeping your hands warm while you are on the computer or while you are knitting! (I am wearing them while I am typing these instructions.) Jackie sometimes make them in different colors and trades them with her friends.

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